sojourn #180 – Jungle

Jungle is awesome.

Not talking about the fast-paced breakbeat genre, nor the woods surrounding the equator – I’m referring to the London music collective that rose to (viral) prominence through last summer’s ‘Platoon‘. The video features young b-girl Terra open up a never-ending arsenal of moves, and her purple tracksuit / no nonsense attitude sends the viedo’s coolness through the roof.

It wasn’t ‘Platoon’ that blew me away though. I’m ashamed to admit being a bit jaded when it comes to videos featuring b-boys and b-girls. Platoon was a great production, and an awesome video, but I couldn’t help but feel they were simply using young Terra to promote their song. Not even in a competitive setting, just fully exploiting the fact that she’s a kid who’s able to do moves – a minstrel performance of b-boy culture,  a fun song with a truckload of ‘cute’.

I watched it a few times, appreciated Terra’s performance, but always clicked through to her actual battles – and quickly forgot about Jungle.

But then I saw ‘The Heat‘.

I like to think I’ve seen some cool stuff, but the rollerskating in ‘The Heat’  knocked me off my socks. I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen art direction / video production meld so solidly, so effortlessly with such a belter of a track. Rather than contrasting the athletic performance in the video (as was the case with Platoon, in my opinion), ‘The Heat’ accentuates the skating and the environment it’s happening in. Their costumes, the look on their faces, the slow camerawork – it’s a perfect storm of cool, the best possible combination of slick production with raw ingredients.

Cue 2014, and a new track is out. Listening to this, and seeing the progress from ‘Platoon’ to ‘The Heat’, I can only imagine what the video to ‘Busy Earning’ could look like. Let’s hope it will see the light of day soon!


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